Monday, June 21, 2010

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Click enter after photo and type some text.
To get the image on the blog follow these steps -
  1. Select ADD Image in the tool bar
  2. Click on browse
  3. Find where picture is stored (ie. "Pictures" and then some folder etc)
  4. Double click on picture
  5. Select an alignment (left, centre, right)
  6. Choose size
  7. Tick agree to terms of service box
  8. Upload image
  9. If it gets stuck on a blank screen just close this little screen

How Often Should I BLOG

ilma says every couple of days
karema says twice a week
colin says every day

katrina says there is no right or wrong answer - it really depends on your business and your particular products and services and how active your sight. However she suggest once a month may be too far between blogs.

Yamba CAN if you did it in the paper each week, you could copy on the blog and have additional info such as links etc.

Adding Links

Katrina's Workshop

  1. Type some text to use to make the link "katrina's workshop"
  2. Highlight it by dragging the mouse over it
  3. Select the "link" button in the tool bar
  4. Type in the web address
  5. Click OK or press enter

What can I do with a BLOG

  • advertise products
  • share information
  • display artwork and pictures
  • personal journal
  • links to other websites

How to make a BLOG

You need to have a google account.
You need a title and an address ie title = Yamba CAN climate action network/address was